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We as a school community need to “fundraise” for our school to survive. For every fundraiser, we need all families to participate to ensure the financial health of our school. These events also make our community stronger by working together towards the same goal.

The Fundraising Fee set for each family is $400. It can be paid in cash or earned by participating in specific events that we credit towards this fee. Not all fundraising events are credited towards your fee. It is also important to note that not all credit is dollar for dollar for what you raise.

Most fundraising monies can be earned by asking people around you to support your children and our school. We are not asking you to take it directly out of your pocket. That is the reason we offer these fundraising events. When an event begins, the weekly newsletter will state what credit will be given towards your fundraising fee. Any contributions donated after this amount is greatly appreciated and wonderful for our school. If you truly do not want to participate in this part of our Catholic school, you may always choose to just pay the fee. Let us know in the beginning of the year and we will charge your FACTS account for you.

Fundraising events where you credit will be given towards your fundraising fee:

  • World’s Finest Chocolate $120 (Aug -Sept)
    • 2 boxes @ $60 each
  • Holiday Boutique Raffle $50 (Oct-Nov)
    • *Must Sell 5 books to get $50
  • Catholic Schools Week Raffle $130 (Jan-Feb)
    • Must Sell 6 books ($150 value)
  • Walk a thon $100 (Mar-Apr)
    • Each child is asked to raise $100 however only $100 is logged towards fundraising fee.

**Please note that if you miss a fundraiser that amount will be added to your FACTS account at the conclusion of the event. It can not be made up by other fundraisers during the year.