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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Kindergarten Digital Learning Platforms:

Kindergarten Curriculum

Our kindergarten program provides variety, flexibility and structure. Play, fantasy, creativity, and individual choices are encouraged. Learning activities and formal lessons are woven into the child’s day. Formal lessons in pre-reading and math are presented to all of the children with an understanding that each child will absorb as much as she/he can. We follow the Common Core curriculum in math and English language arts.

There is a constant awareness of the importance of the child’s self-esteem. Praise is given and appreciation is shown for the child’s efforts. It is important that each child feels good about the effort that he/she puts in his/her work. The children are taught to appreciate the uniqueness and individuality of their peers and to treat each other with kindness and respect.

There is a little bit of homework usually related to the letter or the Math chapter we are working on. The work should take no longer than about fifteen minutes and would require some parental supervision. The most effective homework a child can do is to be read to at home.

Here’s what a typical Kindergarten day looks like:

8:00 - 8:10: Arrival

The children come into the classroom 8:00 - 8:10, put away their belongings, put their folders and messages into the basket, and choose an activity. When the morning announcements are broadcasted over the intercom (to the whole school), kindergartners "freeze" and listen to the announcements. Then, they resume free-choice activities and planned activities. Among the activities are: computers, art, blocks, a variety of manipulatives, books, puzzles, etc.

Whole Group

During this time, we meet together on the carpet and the teacher introduces or reviews concepts: Math (numbers, counting..), Phonics/reading (letters, sounds..) science, social studies, religion, color words, shapes, etc. After, children work together at their table on specific activities/lessons for the day.


The children once again gather on the carpet for a story. We also use this time for the sharing for our "star of the week", and also anything else that the children or teacher may like to discuss.

Snack and Outdoor Play

The children sit at their tables to eat their snack. Milk will be served as part of the snack unless a child is allergic to milk. We say the traditional Catholic grace before meals and add “Thank you, God, for all of the good things that I have. Please help those who don't have as much as I do”. The children take turns helping set up the snack. After snack, we spend at least 15 minutes for outdoor play, depending upon the weather.


At the end of the Kindergarten day we review what has happened during the day and what we have learned. We discuss what we will work on the next day and if they have homework we go over the directions for the work. Before they go home we say a prayer and sing a song or two. We also read a story from our children's Bible.

Library and Music

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the children have music and library from 9:30 - 10:00 in split groups for half hour, each. The other split group goes to the school library on Wednesday in split groups for 1/2 hour each. They get to check out a library book to bring home and will need to bring the book back before their next library day (Wednesday).

11:30: Dismissal

The children will be dismissed from the classroom door located next to the outside playground. The children remain in the room until the teacher sees the designated guardian for child pick-up. If the child has Extended Care, they will be picked up in the classroom by the Extended Care Director. If for some reason the child’s guardian/carpool driver is late, the child will be sent to Extended Care until they arrive.