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Advisory School Board

Advisory School Board

St. Peter Martyr School Board

Just as the Diocesan School Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Bishop and Superintendent, so does the St. Peter Martyr School Board act in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and Principal.

The St. Peter Martyr School Board’s mission is to bring its wisdom, talent, experience, faith-life, and good will into the process of providing quality education for all children served by the school. The School Board furnishes the support and leadership to carry out the Church’s commitment to Catholic/Christian education.

Those who serve on Catholic school boards support an environment for the teaching of the Catholic faith, the building and experiencing of community, the serving of others, and the opportunity for worship. They are called to model what they identify as the purpose of Catholic education. Interested persons are invited to attend the meetings held the second Tuesday of each month. However, executive sessions are confidential and therefore closed to all but board members.

Voting members of the Board shall consist of a minimum of seven but no more than fifteen members; which include members from Saint Peter Martyr Parish, Good Shepherd Parish, and Our Lady, Queen of the World Parish. The Principal, in consultation with the Pastor will appoint each. Ex-officio, non voting members of the Board are the Principal, Leadership Team, and Pastor of Saint Peter Martyr. Members are:

Title Name
Chairperson Mr. John Arcidiacono
Vice Chairperson Mrs. Bertha Saavedra
Secretary Ms. Heidi Leber
  • Mr. Rocco Enea
  • Mr. Robert Beck
  • Mrs. Cyndi Cappucini
  • Mrs. Marcia Lessley
  • Mrs. Sandi Daniels
  • Mr. Jesse Molinar
  • Mrs. Lorreine Reid
  • Ms. Oris Gentle
  • Mr. Paul Flores
WCEA Accreditation Report, 2020

St. Peter Martyr School recently underwent evaluation to renew its WASC/WCEA accreditation.

Click on the St. Peter Martyr Report of Findings to view the entire report. Here is a summary of the Visiting Committee’s Findings.

Visiting Committee Summary Thoughts: