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Uniform Policy

Our uniform jumpers and skirts are Navy & White Shadow Plaid and are only available through Dennis Uniform Company. Uniform items sold in other stores do not necessarily conform to our uniform standards (skorts, navy blue jumpers and skirts are not part of our school uniform). Preschool & Pre-kindergarten children are required to wear the Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten uniform T-Shirt (Must be purchased in the school office) with blue bottoms. The school uniform policy is:

Girls (kindergarten through eighth grade): white blouse with a collar or white polo shirt; uniform jumper or skirt (Navy & White Shadow Plaid); white, blue, or gray socks; or white or navy-blue tights; navy blue pants (no jeans, designer labels or color stitching); uniform shorts; navy blue school imprinted sweatshirt or navy-blue sweater (pull-over or cardigan).

Boys (kindergarten through eighth grade): white shirt with a collar; navy blue pants (no jeans, designer labels or color stitching); belt; white, blue or gray socks; uniform shorts; navy blue sweater (pull-over or cardigan) or navy-blue school imprinted sweatshirt.

Good appearance is important. We stress the wearing of clean and neat uniforms to school. Clothes must fit properly. Shirts and blouses must be tucked in. A solid white tee shirt or white turtleneck may be worn under the uniform. Non-uniform items worn underneath skirts or jumpers must be solid white, blue or gray in color. No designs of any kind. No oversized clothing or sagging pants are allowed. Skirts and jumpers must be of modest length, no more than slightly above the knee. A student who comes to school without proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness or neatness of dress may be sent home to be properly prepared for school or shall be required to prepare himself/herself for the schoolroom before entering.

The use of make-up by students is discouraged. No make-up or fragrances may be brought to school. Only small post earrings may be worn. Dangling, hoop, or large earrings are not allowed. Artificial nails are permitted however for safety reasons, should be short in length and not a hindrance to daily school activities. For safety reasons, flip-flops, open toed, platform, high heeled, or “skate wheel” shoes are not permitted. Crocs are not an approved shoe. Students may wear clean athletics shoes to school. Socks must be worn with all shoes. Hoodies and hats are not permitted in doors no exceptions. In the classrooms, students must wear a school uniform sweatshirt or hoodie. These can be purchased in the school office.

Uniform Information

St. Peter Martyr School School Code is NDMSTP

All uniform purchases will now be online.

For girls uniforms we have some in the office to try on.

Shopping is easy, go to

St. Peter Martyr’s custom Web Store is tailored just for our unique uniform program and offers.


Shop at the San Francisco Store

St. Peter Martyr’s custom inventory will be housed in the DENNIS San Francisco Store which is open Tuesday-Thursday from 10am-5pm, Friday from 10am-3pm and Saturday from 10am-2pm. Call the store for information at (415) 864-3401.

For further support, the National Customer Service Team is available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm (with extended hours during Back-to-School season) to answer questions and help with others. The number is 1-800-854-6951. You can also email them through their website: