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Remote Learning

Remote Learning


Resources for Catholics at Home:

Social Emotional Health and Well-Being of Students

Good Shepherd Church Live Stream Mass

YouTube Channel


Lesson Planning for Long-Term Dismissal
Lesson Plans/Classwork

Teachers will be posting lesson plans daily on Class Dojo, class websites or Google Classroom.Lessons will be standard aligned.

Differentiated Instructions

Some teachers will provide learning choices to meet the standards.

Students are expected to work on Freckle for at least 45 minutes each week or the amount of time their teachers have assigned to them.

Zoom Calls

Teachers will be sharing their zoom call schedule on ClassDojo, Google Classroom or Class Website. Zoom Calls will used in the following areas::

Zoom Norms for Instruction and Teacher Check-in:

St. Peter Martyrs Daily Guidelines

K-1st Grade

  • ELA 30 minutes
  • Math 30 minutes
  • Religion 20 minutes
  • Science/Social Studies 20 minutes

2nd-4th Grade

  • ELA 45 minutes
  • Math 45 minutes
  • Social Studies/Science 30 minutes
  • Religion 30 minutes

5th-8th Grade

  • ELA 60 minutes
  • Math 60 minutes
  • Social Studies 30 minutes
  • Science 30 minutes
  • Religion 30 minutes

Attendance “at school”:

Attendance will be taken by each homeroom teacher using the Google Form sent home at the beginning of the Long Term Dismissal. PLease make sure that you are checking your child every day and that they are doing their work.


As of now, all events for future and new families are postponed for a later date when the Shelter-in-Place restrictions have been lifted.

Resources for parents & caregivers:

Digital Field Trips

Online programs accessible from any type of device with a browser and internet connection